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The most innovative brass wind mouthpiece yet! Machined and hand-made, just like old times. It is time you played all the high and low notes with professional/Olde tymes ease.

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The mouthpiece is the key to your instrument.  It is the most valuable part!  Its shape and style determine the quality of sound, volume allowed, ease of play and to a player’s practice and ability, range of your horn.

In your lifetime, you will likely purchase at least 3-5 mouthpieces.  If you experiment a little, you will try more than 20-25 variations of traditional round mouthpieces.  When you have tried the rest, it is time to try the best!  The traditional circular shape works great for a few select people who are able to modify their lips to fit that configuration.  

This new ergonomic  mouthpiece fits the lips without making a person do lip gymnastics.  Yes, it takes some practice to begin, but once a person has the buzzing method mastered, it requires much less practice time.  You will be able to play double octaves on the major scales and do other things you could only dream of before.

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A mouthpiece that will knock your socks off!


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